I’m not sure how it is with everyone, but I am always thinking about the future. What happens in the next minute? Am I prepared for it? What are the things lined up for today and will they turn out as expected? What happens tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year?

Always thinking and planning and preparing. Why? Because, I don’t like surprises and I like to be prepared. But, am I losing out on something in the process? Yes, a lot! And I think I need to be constantly reminded of this loss, because I get carried away in the tidal waves of “what’s next” way too often than I would’ve liked.

An example — I have to give an important speech tomorrow. I’m anxious as hell today, even though the speech doesn’t happen in another 24 hours and that it won’t last for more than 20 minutes. Imagine, what I’m doing to myself? I lose 24 important hours to anxiety and fear, which could have been used to do something far more meaningful.

Spending time with a friend, having a relaxing evening with family, catching up on sleep, being productive, working on my book, bringing a smile to someone and so many other ways in which I could make life a little bit better for myself and for others. Instead, I indulge in anxiety which would have absolutely no positive impact on my tomorrow’s speech whatsoever.

And what I lose in the process is the present. The present which is called life. Life happens in moments you are in. Not in the future. Not in your past. Both of which are fictional. Only present is real. And it’s almost insane how we give more importance to things from the past that I can’t change or things from the future that are as uncertain as they could be. What you have is present! Understand that. Cherish it. Live it!

There’s so much beauty around you. It’s much better to cherish the beauty of moments when you’re living them as opposed to when you’ve gone past them, when they only remain a memory. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yesterday, my 2-year old cousin showed up unexpectedly at my house with my uncle. As soon as I saw her, I went on my knees and stretched out my arms just a little bit. And she came rushing towards with a smile that was pure, angelic, vivacious and infectious. That moment was beautiful. At that point, I forgot everything about my life — all my problems, worries, anxieties, goals, pressures, the good things even. I was fully present in the moment, taking in each second as it unfolded and experiencing the beauty that life really is.

The feeling of being free from your worries was so powerful. It made me realize that nothing mattered to me more in life than that kid coming running towards me to give me a hug. The feeling was the best, and it became even more beautiful when I realized consciously that I am experiencing something truly beautiful in that exact moment.

I totally envy people who are always making the best of the present. People, who are as unsure of their future as I am, but yet, are not consumed by the worries or anxiety stemming from their uncertainty. Like, when I’m writing this post right now. Who knows if anyone will ever read it. Who knows if I’ll even publish it. But, what is true and real is that I’m writing it. And I’m enjoying this moment while I’m doing so. I think that’s all that matters!

Live your life, one moment at a time…


Image Credit: Photo by Dairui Chen on Unsplash