That space in time between being shattered completely and getting up again.

People talk about it all the time. About not giving up. To just go on. To never lose hope.

Although, it seems easy at the outset, often there’s a long endless road that needs to be crossed and thousands of steps to be taken.

Which no one talks about. Because nobody remembers that journey, only the ones who’ve taken it. And it stays with them forever.

Sometimes, it rains heavily along the way, or the sun shines too brightly for you to even keep your eyes open.

How do you walk then?

Then there are times when you take the wrong turn. And you have to come back to the point of start.

Sometimes, you don’t feel like walking at all.

Thousands of battles to be fought. Perhaps, there’s a battle for every step.

The external battles usually aren’t too difficult. You just have to wait for the clouds to run out of rain, for the sun to hide behind the clouds, or rest when your feet are tired.

Then, walk again. Get on with your journey, however long or short it may be.

But, it is the inner battles that are tricky; they are the ones that have the power to stop you.

The question is would you let them…

Or would you hold on to hope, no matter how tempting it might be to embrace despair?

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