Victory is overrated and it doesn’t love you back, no matter how much you chase it all your life. It’s so hard to get. And even when you do get it once in a while, it doesn’t last. It’s actually more like an illusion. It’s like that one-sided relationship which only gives you more agony and longing in return of love.

But, failure? Failure will be with you for the most part of your lives. Failure is loyal and even though you don’t chase it, it understands it’s important for you. So, it finds you. Some people don’t like it when it does. But, it embraces you nonetheless, makes you stronger, and helps you get better. And it quietly steps aside when victory decides to grace you with its presence.

So, why do we still run after victory all the time? Why do we fear failure? Isn’t it time we realize who our true friend is? Isn’t it time when we top beating ourselves up when we fail? Isn’t it time we accept that failing is not a bad thing?

You might ask –  do you want us to chase failure? No, I’m not saying that. Although, it would be pretty cool if you do that. You’d be truly liberated. Fearless. Try it sometime.

But, what I’m really saying is failing is not a negative thing, it’s not a curse, but a blessing! If we start welcoming failure, we’d have more people walking on this planet that’d be living the life they truly want to live, doing the things they truly want to do oblivious to the fear of failure.

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