These days we practically search the web for anything under the sun and web doesn’t disappoint us either. So, everything right from the time you open your eyes in the morning till the time you close them at night, you will have thousands and thousands of pages filled with information on how you should spend every second out of the 86400 seconds we have in a day.

Plus, if you want to know how successful, rich, highly effective, influential people spend their days, you can have access to that information too. But when so many different brains try to tell you their ways of doing the same things, some contradiction is inevitable.

Here are a few I have experienced. Though I’m adding one link for each of the following ideas, you know they are not the only resources on the topic.

Do not quit before finding another job vs. It is okay to quit your job without another one

Find your passion vs. Stop searching for your passion

Importance of work-life balance vs. Real winners do not have work-life balance

Getting married in your 20s vs. Don’t marry before you are 30

Well there are lots more. Let me pick one of the above – quitting your job. Too many people these days are talking about quitting their jobs. So, when I decided to quit mine, totally uninfluenced by what others said (I had my own bunch of reasons to quit), I was still curious to know what people across the globe thought about this, in general, so I approached Google.

Some articles said it is always better to have another job and then quit, which also happens to be the popular sentiment, while a few others said you’d do much better if you quit without a backup because then there would be a sense of urgency and you are bound to do your best; but do save some money before you quit.

Well, both these ideas are superb in their own ways and they are practical too. Even though the second option may not seem to be very practical, it would work wonderfully for people who do really well under pressure.

When such books, articles, podcasts, blogs, etc. make these suggestions, they take into account the market statistics, existing unemployment rates, etc. But they do not consider the various aspects of YOUR life that depends on this decision.

They do not know if you are someone who can handle uncertainty well, your reactions to similar instances in the past, THE financial position of you and your family, how you would handle the frustration that comes along, how long you are willing to stay jobless, and so on.

It’s only you who know the real you, not even your parents, your partner, your friends, or anybody else who claims they do. This is also the reason why, when you take any important decision in your life, you should not listen to anyone but yourself. You could sure talk to people and listen to their experiences, read online, and get influenced by them, even. But do not let them DECIDE! That job should be exclusively yours.

All you have to do is convince yourself about what you want to do and you will be fine. That doesn’t mean every decision you take will be good. All I am saying is if you are sure about a certain decision, you will be less disappointed when it doesn’t yield desirable results, because you know you did what you wanted to and not what others asked you to.

Finally, if you haven’t realized this yet, this blog post itself is an irony. So, whether or not to follow what I’ve written is your choice and your decision. Just like every other decision in your life should be!!